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Broker/Mentor Al Lewis, marketing professional since 1975, seeks licensed real estate agents for part-time weekend only listing and sales activity. Learn Broker's secret formulas for listing or selling a house a week, Saturday only, or Sunday only, or both by executing one or more of broker's elite multilevel sales programs.

Broker's Weekend Warrior programs for listing and selling are independent platforms for succeeding at either listing or selling to the degree sought but not generally both. It is not required of associates to both list and sell. Broker will lead team members to specialize at one or the other though some crossover will naturally occur.

Few in real estate actually seek to do a transaction a week, though it is possible in the Weekend Warrior Listing Program if your energy and ambition are equal to the task; usually, a comfortable middle ground enabling an affluent lifestyle will be found somewhere in between: maybe twenty-to-thirty transactions a year, part-time. Team members may continue weekday employment elsewhere.

Working with broker Al Lewis you will have the "Top Job" in real estate relative to part-time opportunities that exist in the general market substantiated by a lifestyle exemplifying balance and an income exemplifying wealth and status. Though stated as a job, real estate is not actually a job at all, it is an activity. Specific activities produce specific results. It is not important whether you work only a few hours a week, twenty-to-forty hours a week or more, what matters is what you do when you work.

Conventional real estate organizations including the franchise giants do their best to rubber stamp each of their associates into activities built around principles of sales that make more sense for the growth of the company than for the success of the agent. That's why thousands of people begin and quit real estate every year even though a career in real estate can be very exciting and a sure road to status and wealth for anyone that wants it.

Success, it has been said, is found on the far side of failure. You will bypass that curve completely. Working closely with broker Al Lewis in training and, possibly, in the field you will learn an easier, more pleasurable, more efficient way of getting and doing business part-time in real estate. Key to participant success in the Weekend Warrior program is the hands-on pre-listing/post-listing and the hands-on pre-selling/post-selling guidance and support of broker for both business development and transaction closing success.

Power through Structure and Preparation / Real estate is a tough business. To be successful you've got to be structured, prepared and focused in your work so you can speak and act with confidence, power and authority; there must be direction and purpose in your words as well as performance guarantees and viability in your programs; you've got to have a successful image and a positive attitude.

We often hear someone say there are no shortcuts to success, but that’s not true. There are shortcuts to success. They come in the form of the leadership you submit to, the company you keep, the tools and tactics you use: one way versus another.

We at Real Estate Professionals Allstate Marketing have a mission: by means of structure and preparation we are dedicated to helping each of our Weekend Warriors achieve their first $100,000 year if that's a threshold they have not yet crossed, then their first $300,000 year, then their first $400,000 year, and then their first $500,000 year in real estate working part-time, weekends only.

Hard work, though an important characteristic of most any successful outcome, won't necessarily get you to where you want to go in real estate. Disciplined intelligent work is the key to achieving these kinds of results. You will find leadership for both, here.

Price Point and Structure / Essential elements of the Real Estate Professionals listing and sale programs practiced by broker Al Lewis in all markets, southern California, national and international, can be found for perusal, examination and study through links on the sidebar to the left, particularly The Fellowship Library.

The Weekend Warrior listing and sale programs differ from Broker's main listing
program only in that they are structured for reach into every price point in the market: from (1) the low-end (2) to the middle (3) to the high-end, whichever is preferred. Associate-Licensees, Affiliates and Marketing Partners, even if part-time, will have opportunities to work within all price points once associated.

Change of current broker-affiliation is not required to work with broker Al Lewis as an Affiliate to grow your listing inventory, though it is an open-ended possibility

No REOs / No Short Sales / No NODs / No Loan Mods / We at Real Estate Professionals Allstate Marketing do not chase REOs, Short Sales, NODs or Loan Mods, nor do we seek to work with discount-oriented buyers. When listing, we target high-quality properties owned by equity-positioned sellers. When selling, we work with area-defined predisposed buyers (buyers that know where they want to live before coming into the market) with means seeking to buy high-quality properties at market price owned by equity-positioned sellers.

Listing is Job One / This cannot be emphasized enough, even if it is your interest, desire or intention to work weekends only. It is the successful listing agent that establishes a place for himself or herself in the market as an independent professional in charge of his or her own future by creating a log of clients that will list with them during some time-period like the next month, six months or year, and, it is through these listings, like channels, that buyers flow to them, that agents-with-buyers come to them and that sales occur on a regular basis. Listing is Job One.

Beginning is Half Done / A constructive, creative life is forged out of raw ore, so to speak, by courageous, disciplined use of aggressive energy. It is an essential part of human life. You can use it for good or ill, or deny it altogether like a King that gives up his crown. Better to be King.

Assertiveness as a Warrior characteristic is a stance toward life that rouses, energizes and motivates, it pushes us to take the offensive and to move out of a defensive or holding position about life's tasks and problems. A person with Warrior energy knows what he or she wants and takes steps to get it. As a function of his or her clarity of mind, (he) is a strategist and a tactician, (she) can evaluate her circumstances accurately and adapt to the situation. The Warrior doesn't think too much, because thinking too much can lead to doubt, and doubt to hesitation, and hesitation to inaction, and inaction possibly to losing the battle which is of course not getting to where you want to go -- wherever that is -- in your life and work.

And thus the Weekend Warrior sales methodology: a stance toward work that rouses, energizes and motivates; an organized strategy for use of aggressive energy focused on a specific result: the listing or sale of a house every week worked from one-to-fifty (or twenty-to-thirty) a year, part-time, weekends only.

Your reading this represents a beginning, it has taken a lot of time, energy and courage just to get here, to a place in your mind where you've decided you're not going to take it anymore -- it being second best lackadaisical mediocrity -- and so by reaching out have found yourself here, a place where Warrior energy and leadership for activating it in you abounds. Beginning "is" half done, you're halfway to your first closed escrow and the many that will follow in association with broker Al Lewis and the Weekend Warrior sales and marketing program.

Act Now / Only action determines your value in the marketplace. To multiply your value you need to multiply your actions. Walk where the failure fears to walk. Work when the failure seeks rest. Talk when the failure remains silent.

The Real Estate Professionals program is all about action: calculated, methodical, tested, proven action. Success will not wait on you. When you delay she becomes wedded to another and lost forever. Be an Eagle in the marketplace and a Lion among men.

Weekend Warrior Real Estate / At this point you must be asking yourself how this is possible; how you can build a career in real estate listing and selling at the top of the market or any other price point without doing the things everyone else does; how this can be done nearly cost free and within only thirty-days of starting.

The Answers are Found within One of Two Program Introductions. To receive the introduction of your choice, stop here and send a request by email direct
to /

(1) Top Producer Listing: The UnConventional Farm, if you seek to out list and out sell the competition at prices under $1/Million within any locale, region or city.
Affiliation Required.

(2) The Power of One: The Top Job in Real Estate, if you seek to list and sell at the top of the market: prices ranging from $1/Million to $10/Million or more.
Affiliation Optional.

Sidebar / Talent and skill you have in abundance, I can assume this, but they must be channeled to be of value in the marketplace. To soar listing and selling real estate at the top of the market you have to have a story that makes you interesting, not a run-of-the-mill franchise rubber stamp, but a standout persona that satisfies the demands of a high-end selling situation worth paying attention to. In affiliation with me you will have this. You are a concerto in the making, a large scale musical composition for a solo instrument accompanied by an orchestra, play your music and be recognized.

These detailed articles will define for you exactly (1) How to break-into and sustain listing and sales success at the top of the market or any other price point under the umbrella of Real Estate Professionals Allstate Marketing if you associate with broker/mentor Al Lewis in a non-licensed capacity as an Affiliate, or under the umbrella of Real Estate Professionals Allstate Marketing as an Associate, either working weekends only (2) They will help you determine your fit and (3) Define for you why our program is recession-proof, free of competition and Top of The Mark.

After looking one or both over, you are cordially invited to call on broker/mentor Al Lewis direct to arrange a personal interview and introductory/sign-up meeting. Please visit all the links and websites shown on the sidebar to the left prior to calling.

For more on the Journeyman/Apprentice, Mentor/Mentee relationship with Al Lewis, and for listing and selling at the top of the market, go to

We can never outgrow the limits we place on ourselves; we can only set new limits within which we must live. Poet Maya Angelou wrote, "If one is lucky, a solitary fantasy can totally transform one million realities." Just think of it.

To Rise Above the Crowd, You Have to Rise Above the Crowd.
The Market is Always Good for Those at The Top.

Thank You.

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